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[MOL] Beliefnet; The source for Spirituality, Religion and Morality

Dear Friends:  For those who are able to remain active, Meditation and Yoga are two proven alternative methods to relieve stress.  To put harmony and balance into your lives.  Some of our members are blessed with "Wellness Centers in their community,  At these facilities they offer a wonderful array of alternative therapies.  Another thing that is nice about a "Wellness Community Center" is that everyone is there for the same purpose, the relieving of stress and extending their logivity through quality of life by qualified instructors.
A drawback to many of these centers is that they are not free.  So what do we do with the rest of us who do not have a "wellness Center" or can't afford one?  We do what we need to do on our own, or with a cancer group support and just do it.  Some of us need a group to keep us going and others are perfectly capable of doing it on their own.
The web site below gives you the instructions on how to do Yoga and it is free. Give it try!
Three main ingredients of getting well are:  Attitude and Attitude and some more attitude.  We have the choice, it is ours alone.  If we are open and have a positive attitude our chances of getting better increase tremendously.  If we maintain hope that we will make it, we enhanced our chances of making itl  If we remain free of toxins to include negative people and work on our spirituality, we have more of a chance if making it !


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