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Re: [MOL] Dean -Power of People Debate

Joicy, as Tevia said in "Fiddler on the Roof" - "You are right."  And to 
other, "You are right.  You are both right!"  I've been both instances happen 
all too often.  It seems the smaller churches (like small businesses) are 
suffering most because people cannot afford to contribute as they once did 
(due to other reasons in addition to taxation).  The Church I work in (we 
rent office space) in a large, wealthy church but is annually losing more 
income because the older people who were the main - and stable - givers are 
dying off.  Many leave money in their estates to the church but there are 
less of them now and the weekly donations decrease with them. The minister 
has had to look into other ways of raising money.  It's sad to see that 
happen because that's when churches do become "businesses".

On the other hand the church I belong to (sort of) is also a large CATHOLIC 
church in a pretty much blue-collar neighborhood.  Consequently, many members 
who used to have good jobs are working less, working FOR less, or unemployed 
altogether.  Many people are struggling with all the strength they can muster 
just to hold onto the modest homes they have.  Two years ago the priest (the 
pastor) decided to renovate the church - he thought it needed more MARBLE and 
GOLD!  NO KIDDING!  And he got approval to do it at the tune of $2,000,000 
!!!!  AFTER the bishop approved it (and over-rode the church council's veto) 
they had to figure out where the money would come from.  They had only one 
answer: they sent out letters to every member asking for $1500 from every 
working member of the household!!! And they suggested that if you didn't have 
the money to borrow it - from family if not a bank!!!!!  It made me SICK.  
The church was indeed in need of new carpet, roof repairs, a new furnace, and 
a new paint job, but the building is in good repair overall as it is only 
about 25 years old!  The furnace is much older as it was installed from a 
former building.

Then I've seen small churches have to fold because they don't have even 
enough money to support a priest or minister - that is pitiful!  In a *rich* 
country - so we're told????    -chris
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