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[MOL] Dean -Power of People Debate

Please don't make blanket assumptions about all churches, Dean. As 
pastor of a small struggling church, with a number of members who can 
barely feed their own families, I can vouch for the difficulty of 
trying to help the community even as we try to keep ourselves afloat. 
"All those donations" (at least in our case) are frankly not all that 
much, and most are given sacrificially. We have to pay for lights and 
heating and phones like everyone else, and frankly, we struggle very 
hard keeping a balance between keeping our historic buildings from 
crumbling (buildings which not only provide us with a place to 
worship and fellowship together, but which also provide free meeting 
space for community groups like AA and scouting groups, etc.) and 
helping the needy in our community and beyond. 

It isn't easy, but we try to give generously in spite of the personal  
hardship. We have fundraisers throughout the year to raise money to 
help the needy; also collect donations of food every week to give 
those in need. We also give of our time to the community, and do much 
of the building repairs ourselves to keep costs low. I can't speak 
for the churches in your community, but we also have a lot of folks 
who simply expect us to provide for them, without so much as a thank 
you. That doesn't stop us, but it does get discouraging.

In the end, the churches I know are basically groups of people who 
are struggling hard themselves, but joined together by their faith, 
and pooling resources to try as best they can to make a difference in 
the world. There may be some churches building bigger buildings and 
unwilling to help those in need, but the national stats I've seen 
don't confirm that this is the norm. Most are just trying to keep the 
doors open and doing what they can. If churches were taxed, it would 
only mean that those who attended them would be taxed twice for their 

Just my 2 cents! Love and prayers, Joicy

 as for
>the churches, I'm sorry there also, but again no taxes and yet the moneys
>that they get from all the donations, are used more for building bigger
>buildings than helping their poor!!!! This I know because right here in the
>small town I live in, there are many big big beautiful churches, an yet if
>you go there for a hand out, you get a box with one jar of peanutbutter,  2
>cans of soup, maybe dried milk. I'm sure this will help a family of four.
>I've see this my self, because I go to these same churches to seek people
>out as they leave the church, so my husband an I can really help!!! I do not
>give to the church, nor do I give to any charity, but GOD above does know
>what I do, that is the only thing that matters to me. I give to children who
>have nothing when ready to go to school also, these are the things that make
>me feel the best, as well as sleep better at night. Sorry for the book here.
>Whew but how I do go on.  lol       xo Dean

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