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Re: [MOL] The Power of People Debate

In a message dated 08/28/2000 3:27:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> Chris>  if Taxes were not so high, maybe people like me could afford health 
>  And have some left over to give away.>  Rod ----

But even at that, the balance of money and power is topsy-turvy (and probably 
always was).  Most of the wealth is still in the hands of a few - the CEOs of 
big corportions who make 100 times what the worker in the same company earns. 
 If they pay alot of taxes it is because they have very high earnings.  After 
all, who are the truly wealthier in our country:  B. Clinton or B. Gates?  A. 
Gore or J. DuPont?  You can go on and on like that, but wealthy as 
politicians and lawyers are, they are poor relatives to such big-wigs.  It's 
not government that controls business, but v.v.  And if big business is 
greedy, it's *not* because they NEED more money.  It's because they WANT more 
and more of the pie!  -chris
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