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[MOL] Cincinnati PCa support group meets 8/30

(This is being posted to several lists.)

The Cincinnati PCa Networking Group will meet Wednesday 8/30 from 7-9 pm.

Address: 8044 Montgomery Rd, Suite 170, immediately off the 71 freeway. 
This is the very tall Bank One Building. You can park underground or 
outside at the far end. Come in the front door, make a left and down the 
hall and you'll find the door. It's easy. This is the Wellness Community 
group where we meet.

This week is the "large" group where spouses are welcome. The meeting will 
include portions of a video tape by Dr. Strum on osteoporosis, from a 
conference in 1999.

The group is quite informal. We might have about 30 people.

For your calendar: The Cincinnati group meets
Second Wednesday of each month, men only, 6:30-8:30.
Last Wednesday of each month, men and companions, 7-9 pm.

You can call me if you want more details. 513-321-1693.

Robert Young
posting here merely as a member of the support group

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