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[MOL] evidence psychological support helps fight cancer

I think Molers already know this -- glad the medical field is catching up,
LOL! Love, Joicy

Shrinking Breast Cancer
    [08/27/2000; HealthSCOUT]

MONDAY, Aug. 23 (HealthSCOUT) -- For the first time, a controlled
study has produced evidence that a psychological support program
for women who have had breast cancer surgery can enhance the body's
ability to fight the malignancy. "The only thing documented previously
is that psychological intervention improves the quality of life
and reduced stress for these women," says Barbara Andersen, the
professor of psychology at Ohio State University who led the study.
"We showed that beyond that, it has beneficial effects in increasing
compliance with medical measures and enhancing the immune response.
"What was unique about our particular immune measure is that it is
directly related to the body's ability to fight the disease," she adds.
In a report delivered as an invited lecture to the recent annual meeting
of the American Psychological Association, Andersen describes
how she and her colleagues enrolled 115 women who had undergone
surgery in their trial.

The full article can be found at:


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