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In a message dated 08/27/2000 5:17:29 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> Chris, you are so right.  I see the same thing here and then I pick up the
>  newspaper and read that the new system works, welfare has been cut in
>  half....tisk, tisk....
Oh, yes, my Statistics professor told us the first day of class: 
"There are lies.  There are damned lies.  And there are statistics!"

Like unemployment stats, when they state that employment is up and less 
people are out of work - they neglect to say that a good number of those 
people are only working part-time or temporary jobs and will again be 
UNemployed in a few weeks or months.

The whole question in my mind always comes down to WHO are those people in 
the favorable numbers.  THAT's where the truth lies.   -chris
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