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In a message dated 08/26/2000 10:14:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
> What is sad, too, is that the more people have, the more selfish they often
>  become. That is part of what is happening right now in this country...there
>  is a growing sense of entitlement, and it is absolutely tragic.

I agree Joicy.  One only has to look at the lives of people who have more 
than they ever could use to see the tragedy it *can* wreak: John DuPont, the 
Barrymore grandchildren, the Menendez' sons, etc. It robs them of goals and 
the desire to learn more about what life really means.  They have to *labor* 
for nothing and the whole world is open to them for the taking.  It's very 
sad esp. when there are sooooo many who have so very little.  I think that 
wealthy people can be a very good example to young people if they can give 
them hope - if they can spur them on to try greater things, to work for 
success, to see the rainbow at the end of the muddy trail.  That's why I've 
always believed that even *severe* financial struggles in youthful times is 
often necessary, but only long enough to grow and appreciate the struggles of 
others. It's detrimental to our country that so many people are hungry, cold, 
homeless, etc. for a great portion of their whole lives, while others have 
never known those things and likely never will.    -chris
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