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Re: [MOL] Free Prescription Medicine!!

In a message dated 08/26/2000 8:03:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
>  To be approved for enrollment, some of the primary requirements are:
>  The applicant has no insurance coverage for outpatient prescription drugs.

See, this is the problem for the "working poor".  Many of us *have* 
insurance, it's just next to worthless!  But it disqualifies you for any 
assistance anyway.

I believe that is why so many families end up being on *generations* of 
welfare.  It sets up a trap: make enough money to buy groceries but you'll 
lose your help w/ rent.  Make enough to pay the rent and you lose medical 
assistance.  If you have hope, they will crush it. I see it all the time with 
the mothers who bring their small children to the daycare in our building.  
It's really tough for them.   -chris

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