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> I pray this country will wake up and take action on this. No one should have
>  to be without the care they need. Love and prayers, Joicy
I do too Joicy; esp. since our politicians keep telling us that we are the 
best and most fortunate country in the world.  Truth is - it is best for 
*some*, not so hot for too many.  I had seen another special like this one on 
homelessness.  They interviewed a waitress who worked full-time in a 
restaurant in NY.  She made only enough income to afford food, clothing, and 
bus/train fare, but not for housing.  She washed her clothing and uniforms 
out at night, kept a change of clothing in her work locker, and after work 
went out to sleep in the street all night.  Though that is not a frequent 
occurrence, it should not happen at all in a so-we're-told "rich country".  
Couldn't prove that by me, I'll tell  ya.  One lost paycheck would mean a 
missed mortgage payment and there is no way to ever catch up with that 
because the other pay goes entirely to bills and food for the whole month.  
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