[MOL] re: Sox [02202] Medicine On Line

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[MOL] re: Sox

 The only place I could find to have my little (10#) Yorkie, Shania MiraLee trimmed was at the vets which she hates!!!! She starts shaking as soon as I put her in the pickup and shakes all the way there, the whole time we're there and  all the way home. So I went to Upco (pet supplies) and bought trimmers and we do our own. She still doesn't like it so we look very scruffy at times but I still wuv her. I love the long silky coat a Yorkie is "supposed " to have but I can see that will never happen here!  Oh well.  I am so glad Sox is liking the trimming sessions better than my  Shannie...... And now my horse fever is at an all time high reading the posts going between....I think..... Nance and Beav??????? If I'm wrong on names ,  I apologize but I thoroughly enjoy the talk of horses.     Pat Kimmi_KS