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[MOL] Fearless Heart, help us to help others

I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Kym Faultner and I
represent the band "Fearless Heart".  A country band out of
Sonoma County, California.

We would like to ask you to help us raise money for cancer
research. The great part about it is that you don't have to
spend a dime! Fearless Heart is a country band that wants to

make a difference in this world but we could really use your

help. We have all had family members who have had cancer at
one time or another and so we decided that we wanted to use
our music to help raise money and donate it to The American

How do we earn this money? Well, that's where you can make a

BIG difference. (We do donate a portion of our CD sales.
However, I'm not here trying to promote the CD's.) I'm here
to tell you about how you can help without spending any
money at all.  We get paid through a program called "payback

for playback" on our web site. What this means is that every

time someone goes to our web site and listens to or
downloads our songs, we get paid a small amount. So, you get

to hear great country music (free of charge) and the money
we make we donate to help find a cure for this
horrible disease. We really could use your help. So please
visit our site, enjoy our music and help us to help others
by telling your friends and family.

If you can help us spread the word,  together we can help to

find a cure. Also, we want to let The American Cancer
Society know who helped to get this money raised.  So if you

don't mind, please be sure to sign the guest book so we can
give you proper credit.

Kym Faultner
Fearless Heart


org:Fearless Heart
note;quoted-printable:A portion of what we make on the website goes to The American Cancer =0D=0ASociety. So, please take the time to visit the site, listen to some great music=0D=0Aand help a very worthy cause.=0D=0A
fn:Fearless Heart website