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Re: [MOL] Rose Carol!

Lillian, why can't they just use the tape in court?  That would save her
the trauma of being in the
 room with all those people staring at her.
If that doesn't work I think you can have your lawyer ask that the court
room be cleared except for the responsible people.  ANYTHING that would
make her more comfortable should be explored by your lawyer.
  I agree with you. Our court system is so bassackwards I don't trust
any of them.  Loves Charlotte

p.s.  I am Charlotte's son. As a Deputy Sheriff, I can suggest with some
certainty that the police video can be the point of being
'inadmissible'.  The reason for this is that any defense counsel worth
his salt will claim that his client was denied a right to cross
examination.  I would suggest asking the prosecuting attorney if a more
'airtight' way of obtaining video testimony is available.  For example,
having the child answer direct examination and cross examination
questions (from both prosecution & defense counsel) on video with only
the following present:

1)  Prosecutor
2)  Defense counsel
3)  Presiding Judge
4)  Camera operator
5)  Court reporter
6)  A 'support agent' for the child..preferably a family member, and not
someone appointed by the court, or an outside 'children's advocate'.

As I said, I'm just a cop.  I bring 'em to court, but I don't prosecute.
I certainly wish you, your family, and especially your granddaughter all
the best in this trying time.  May you find peace in this storm.


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