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Re: [MOL] Rose Carol!

Lil .. personally, I would have voted for the no bail idea !  Here's hoping 
they find what they need on the hard drive !

I am doing better ... little victories along the way sure help out !  
Stanford has agreed to treat with SRS.  The referral has gone to the managing 
care network for the HMO.  They decided yesterday that if it were up to them 
they would approve it !  And I figured they would be my biggest hurdle.  They 
now have to go to Pacific Care to see if Pacific Care will let them them 
handle the out of area referral, or else it has to go to Pacific Care for 
their committee ... we are praying for the quick referral !  Stanford has an 
opening for a consult on 9/8 .. but if I can't make it they will arrange any 
Friday in the month of September !!!  They are being so wonderful it is 
great.  Personally, I wish the headaches & pressure would just go away, but 
that is just wishful thinking ?  LOL  I have been working lots of hours at 
the office trying to get ready for vacation... leaving Tuesday night !  Ya 
hoo !  I will probably need to sign off the list for a week ?  Haven't 
figured that one out yet !  LOL I am so ready for a week of serenity in the 
woods !  Wish you could come !  We will be just below Mt. Rainer in 
Washington.  In my heart I am already there !

Lots of love,
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