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[MOL] Dear Friends !

I am not sure which good news I should start with.
First my husbands, PSA test, after prostate cancer treatment at Staten Island Univ. hospital, where he had the seed implant and then pin point radiation therapy came back really good.  As I have spoken before to you that chemo. and radiation can throw off your cancer blood levels (making them lower right after therapy), this test was six months after his therapy and is a more accurate reading.  Songs of rejoice!
Then our next good news came from the courts.  My oldest daughters significant other had been molesting her daughter, age 10 and the little dear finally told her teacher.  The grand jury met yesterday; which we were not permitted to attend.  Today they had what they call roll call, this is where the beast had to present himself, say if he had a lawyer and hear what the grand jury verdict would be.  We have a strong case; but I am very skeptical when it comes to courts, lawyers; etc.  Anyway, the grand jury handed down an inducement of two counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct with a minor and 1 count of Lewd acts on a Minor.  Did we smile?  You better believe we did.
The court hearing is scheduled for Sept. 21st, it was moved forward from Oct. 24th.  To say we won't be a nervous wreck until this is over would be an out right lie.  Keep us in prayers as we work on this never happening to another child by him.
Thank you for being there for me, it has helped me a great deal.  Lovingly, lillian