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[MOL] To Catholic Molers - & anyone interested...an FYI

I'm sending this link/ address I usually sent periodically.  The Knights of 
Columbus hold a special Mass for cancer patients and families/friends every 
two months or so. They seem to be on summer break right now, but another one 
should be going soon and they will announce it well in advance so that you 
can enter your petitions.
Cancer Mass : http://www.sarasota-kofc.org/cancermass/index.htm
Last year, the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, requested that special 
charitable works and spiritual programs be developed in celebration of 
Jubilee 2000. This Cancer Service has been developed, under the aegis of our 
Bishop the Most Reverend John J. Nevins, by the "Our Lady of Victory Council" 
of the Knights of Columbus in response to this request. 

Cancer touches four out of five families. Prayer is one of the first thing 
people turn to when confronted with medical calamities. Meeting together for 
Eucharistic Celebration and prayer is an expression of hope and love for each 
other and those we know who are confronting this illness which changes our 
lives forever. 

We invite you to select from two options below. One is to view the pictures 
and to read the description of our last Special Mass. The other is to get 
information regarding the upcoming Special Mass and to submit a petition for 
it if so desired. 
 Council No. 3358
Knights of Columbus
4880 Fruitville Road
Sarasota, FL 34232

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