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[MOL] Nanc, it's Claire again

Hi, kid.  61 is old?  I've got you beat by a mile!

In your recent post you say you didn't join MOL until April 1998 yet my
poor memory tells me I knew you longer than that.  I was declared cancer
free in December 1997 and left MOL a few months afterward so it's
probable that I got to know you originally through Don's postings.
Anyway, it's good talking to you again.

I'm sorry to learn that both Don and your mother are in hospice.  On the
other hand, it's comforting to know they are being cared for properly
and with kind respect.

When my 83-year old mother reached the stage where she had to have
round-the-clock care, my brother and I chose to keep her at home since
she had the money for a live-in practical nurse plus extra help as
needed.  In view of what I know now, a hospice would have been a far
better choice but all we knew about were nursing homes and no one
suggested anything else.  The practical nurse persisted in trying to
bring her back to "normal" which simply wasn't possible.  Not an ideal

Keep in touch and let me know how things are with you.  Are you living
alone?  My two daughters came to help me through the initial impact of
facing another bout of cancer and my Atlanta daughter stayed until this
past Wednesday.  Now I and my cat have the house to ourselves again
which isn't all bad.  To my surprise I find I don't much mind living
alone although I do occasionally get lonesome.  And then there's MOL.

Your friend Claire

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