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[MOL] Bridget, re men and marriage

Your ex is a twit and so is his counselor.  I've done a lot of reading
in psychology and studying about what makes us tick.  If your ex a
answered "self-satisfaction" to a question about his life goals or what
he wanted out of life, he is one sick cookie.  "Happiness" is okay for a
general answer but then one has to define what that means personally.

You were so right to get rid of him without wasting more of your time.
I made two bad choices before I found the guy with whom I happily spent
most of my life.

When it comes to a lifetime commitment, "old-fashioned" is the only way
to go.  Surely there's a better word to use than old-fashioned?  Any
ideas?  I'm thinking on it.

Your friend Claire

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