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Re: [MOL] To my MOL amigos!

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<< Hi Chris;
     My husband is on Thalidimide too. He seems to be experiencing at 100mg. a
 day, weakness and very dry skin. Does your dad have any side effects and what
 doseage is he on if I may ask?  It's to early to tell yet if it is holding 
 cancer at bay or not.
     Thankyou for sharing what happened with your father.......Beav >>
Yes, he does have some side-effects - constipation, I think is the most 
miserable and prevalent.  Dry skin?  I believe so.  Don't know the dosage; he 
never told me.  But I will ask this Sunday and tell him that someone else on 
the same meds wants to know.  That's the only way I can find out anything 
from him!  (Or when he has other guests at his house and they ask - he'll 
answer.)  -chris
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