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[MOL] malignant melanoma

I know of a dear old lady of 99years, she has just being told that she
has 3 malenomas, one on her arm, and two on her head, one each side.
The two on her head are large (measurment in diameter your index finger
and thumb joined) and protrude noticibly.  She has lost sight in one of
her eyes and has impared hearing in one ear.  She has been given
Tomoxofin, in the hope that the drug will shrink the tumours, as she has
been informed that an surgery is out of the   question. this is due to
her age, so she was told, but I am inclined to beleive that her
condition is too far gone.  Could you please answer the following. (a)
Can Tomoxofin be used in this manner, and if so what is the success
rate.With thanks Jillian

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