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[MOL] To my MOL amigos!

Tonight @ 10:00 will mark exactly two years since I learned my father had 
gone to the hosp., thinking he had a heart attack.  He'd gone by ambulance 
that afternoon and no one told me (the whole REST of the family, including my 
ex-) knew what had happened, but I learned at 10 PM !!!!  I couldn't even 
visit till the next day and was frantically calling their house all that time 
and worrying why there was no answer.

Anyway, enough belly-aching; what I want to say is that two years later, 
after lung surgery, chemo, radiation, and currently thalidomide - my 
77-yr-old father is STILL with us, and we thank GOD!  For those who don't 
recall and for the newer members, I'll fill you in.  He had NSCLC in both 
lungs and it had crossed the mediastum.  They removed the small growths in 
the right lung (at the last minute and while he was already anasthetized) 
instead of the lobectomy he was anticipating in the left lung.  He awoke 
alone and terrified that they took out his "good" lung, only to learn he 
didn't have a good lung anymore.  He winced when they told him and it cut me 
to my heart.  The chemo shrunk the cancer but didn't stop it from re-growth.  
The radiation DID and the thalidomide seems to be keeping it at bay.

That's the latest.  Don't give up hope out there - if a 75 yr old man could 
endure all that and survive - give it your best and follow in his footsteps.  
God bless you all. 
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