[MOL] Beav and Susan (Birthday Girls) [01980] Medicine On Line

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[MOL] Beav and Susan (Birthday Girls)

Well you two cute little petunia's, you celebrated another very special day.  "YOUR BIRTHDAYS"!  Come on now, it was special, at least to your friends on the forum.  It's not like we care if you have one or two more (lets call them laugh lines, even though their up on the forehead).  We don't care if everything you own has started to shift South (a bit curious on how far South you will be shifting?).  We don't care if your teeth are like the stars (they come out at night).  That your hair is like silk (corn silk!).  No sir and we don't care if your nose is like a faucet (always dripping!).  What we do care about is YOU and love you just the way you are.....Fondly, lillian
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