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[MOL] Hello from Oregon !

It was a great day today ... I share my bad days, so I thought I would share 
a great day, just to be different ?  Last Friday Stanford called to tell me 
they did a brief view of my MRI's & reports & felt the SRS would be an option 
... but of course not without risks.  I felt good to have an option, other 
than surgery, but weighing back & forth between the two all weekend.  Lots of 
praying, looking for a sign.  Well, today I left work early this afternoon to 
go with my hubby to find out his liver biopsy results (hep C) and we got the 
best news ... no sclerosis ... so far so good.  He wants to start on the hep 
sirum .. shots 3 / week for 48 weeks.  God blessed him.  I hadn't planned on 
going back to the office, but he started watching the history channel on tv & 
I knew his nap time was coming, so figured why not & ran back to the office.  
I got a surprise call from Stanford !  They had their committee meeting & 
unamimusly (sp?) decided SRS was a great option for me !  They feel due to 
the area of the lesions they may be able to do it in one day rather than 
fractionated .. but we will discuss at the consultation.  She was wonderful & 
answered so many questions for me !  I felt so good discussing this process 
with her.  They are even faxing me a letter recommending the procedure for me 
to send to the good old HMO for my case for the referral.  They appear to 
almost care about me ?  What a novel concept !!!!  LOL  Then to top off the 
day my son surprised me & cleaned the house !  And my daughter did the dishes 
!  Could the day get any better ???  LOL

What a wonderful day.  I do believe God is helping me search for the answers 
I desperately am looking for.

Thank you all for listening ... praying you all had as wonderful a day !

Love you all ...
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