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[MOL] Dna To Trigger An Alternative Chemotherapy Method

Chemist Uses Dna To Trigger An Alternative Chemotherapy Method
    [08/22/2000; ScienceDaily]

Imagine a day when a cancer patient can have a blood or biopsy
sample fed into a DNA diagnostics machine that takes the disease-state
DNA results and within hours comes up with a tailored drug/catalyst
therapy. This treatment will kill the cancerous cells in the
body and leave the others unharmed, and it is capable of beating
the cancer even as it mutates.

John-Stephen Taylor, Ph.D., professor of chemistry in Arts and
Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, and his research
team have taken the first step to make this happen by designing
a new approach to chemotherapy that makes direct use of genetic
material as a trigger to annihilate cancer or virally infected

This innovative approach would facilitate the selective destruction
of harmful cancer or viral cells, which has always been the
basis for chemotherapy.

"All throughout history, the development of drugs has been based
on trying to find a molecule toxic only to the pathogen or organism
you want to kill," Taylor says.

But he notes that recent advancements in mapping the human genome
and developing DNA chips have provided opportunities to determine
the exact genetic composition of specific diseases such as cancer.

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