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[MOL] new anti-lung cancer compound

Researchers announce new anticancer compound
    [08/22/2000; Reuters News Service]

WASHINTON (Reuters Health) - Researchers announced the
discovery of a new synthetic compound that they say can completely
inhibit the growth of lung cancer. The novel compound, called
M570, has been shown to prevent small cell lung tumors from growing
in mice. The drug appears more effective against tumors than
cisplatin, one of the current standards of care, at least in
mice. ``I believe we have a truly exciting new molecule here,''
Dr. John M. Stewart told attendees at a national meeting of the
American Chemical Society. M570 is a synthetic peptide that works
by inhibiting the action of bradykinin, an inflammation-promoting
messenger produced when the body experiences injury, infection,
or tumors. Researchers were able to arrest the growth of small
cell lung cancers in laboratory mice with ``extremely low doses''
of the synthetic compound, Stewart told Reuters Health in an

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