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We were told by a biologist on another list that the properties of 5fu were 
not completely known.  Also, 5fu may use free radical to damage the cancer 
cells.  So I stoped taking anything that claimed to be antioxidant for the 
period I am taking the 5fu.  I did not want to interfere at all with the 
action of the chemo drug.  I will go back to vit C and E and Green Tea etc. 
just as soon as I am off the 24/7 infusion of 5fu.  And I will not use them 
in the protected time when I take the 5fu in the future.
I am new to this too.  My wife has done most of the research on the net about 
this stuff.  She is an RN so I got my own nurse to take care of me.  We learn 
by asking questions on forums like this and to my doctors.  Every time we 
have something come up like this we ask!  We have found that most people will 
share their knowledge with us.
If you need more info than I have given you, you can email my wife
Good luck
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