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This is heart breaking... am so sorry to hear of the little one's problems.
We are not in the medical profession; however the medications Eptin boosts
red blood cells and Neuopogin boosts white blood cells. Wishing you all the
very best, warmly, lillian

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> My newly born nephew is suffering with the same problem. His platelets
> are dropping very fast, every day. Doctors are giving him more bloods
> to boost platelet count but they have to do it everyday. He also has
> started to get fits. They changed his blood yesterday but today his
> platelet count came down to 24K again. Now doctors have started
> steroids on him. He is just 9 days old and he is in Pakistan. Doctors
> are speculating now that his bone marrow is not generating platelets
> thats why they drop that fast. I need help very fast. Can someone
> suggest me something so that boy can live.

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