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Re: FW: [MOL] Debate(s)David and Carol!

Well, I guess I should have said that this is a true fish story.  It is a
true story, they operated on the gills, closing them off and he is a grown
man now with these little scars on both sides of the head.

If you ever want to do something interesting, go to the morgue and look into
their rows of jars of life's mistakes.  When they did a hystrectomy on my
mother they discovered that she was a twin and that her being the stronger
absorbed her twin.  Her uterus is in the Univ. of Penna.  Hos.  Our son's
tape on his hyperventalition sits in the Univ. of Vermonts Hos. as a
teaching method. Now mind you, when I kept saying something was wrong with
this child the doctor did not believe me.  So the next day I called and told
the nurse I was coming into the doctors with a tape recording of my sons
breathing.  As I walked into the reception area, the nurses were giggling.
As the doctor played the tape, she yelled "Oh my God he's hyperventaling"
and he was immediately put into the hospital.

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