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Re: [MOL] Mr. Whipps/DEBATE

Miss Pat,

	Of COURSE we want your 2 cents worth.  You, of course, are relating to
the spiritual and caring side of human nature.  You, being the gentle and
loving person you are, and having such strong beliefs in honor and
commitment, do not delve into the seamier side of a relationship.  No
doubt your parents' relationship was a walking example of all that you
believe.  I sincerely think that's wonderful.  I hope you can forgive our
"debates" and simply relate to them in the humorous vein they were
intended.  Perhaps some food for thought will come out of them, but
mostly we're just having fun.  Life is so complex, and at times so
painful, that it's great for some of us to shut it out and enjoy the
moment for what it is - just dumb fun.  No offense meant.

Hugs to you and your dad,
Carol in Memphis

On Tue, 22 Aug 2000 15:06:25 -0500 "Pat Kimmi" <>
> Mr. Whipps/DEBATEBOY Did someone open a can of worms??????????.      
> Dusti-----I agree with you wholeheartedly and had a "book" already 
> forming in my head to post on here about the reasons why but you 
> know what------it doesn't matter. After losing my Mom to cancer and 
> now walking the journey with Daddy; all the reasons or explanations 
> of why men or women do what they do is irrelavant. Either you love 
> someone enough to make a deep lifelong commitment to them 
> (regardless of temptations or  impulses)  or not. My folks did--for 
> 48 yrs and I intend to follow that example I'm not saying it is 
> easy--LIFE IS HARD--but either something is important enough to  
> fight for or it's not. I think  family & values is. I sincerely hope 
> I haven't offended anyone by my views. I realize some people don't 
> feel strongly about this and thus take the choice away from the 
> other person.-....My more than  2 cents worth.  Pat Kimmi-KS
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>   Sent: Tuesday, August 22, 2000 10:22 AM
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>   .  That is why I don't buy any of that crap on why it is that men 
> have this tendency or women have that tendency.  In the end, it is 
> each individual making choices.
>   What do you think? 
>   Warm Regards, 
>   Dusti 
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