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I think all the psycho-babble about mens' sexual drives is just an updated 
version of the double standard.  Daughters were taught they must behave 
because grandparents didn't want their daughters bringing children home for 
them to raise.  Sons didn't bring children home, so they were told that "boys 
will be boys and have fun!" 

I don't think instinct has anything to do with our sexual drives - they are 
as individual as we are; I believe it has to do with what we were TAUGHT to 
be right and wrong, and that goes as far back as humanity does.  Both men and 
women have bought the story line in the past and behaved accordingly.  That 
is why women can be our own worst enemies.  Too often we support the belief 
that men can do what they please, but a girl gets a reputation and we taught 
our daughters that.  It is not usually men, but women who are the first ones 
to call another woman names like "slut" if she is free with her sexual 

We are told that men are more visual (sexually and all ways) than women.  
HOGWASH!  Women are just as visual in the same areas, but we don't shout, 
yell, whistle, and TELL everyone about it.  Basically we ALL have the 
intellectual ability to choose our behavior, to choose to love, to forgive, 
to understand, etc.  That applies to males and females.  Using our "drives" 
as excuses for bad behavior and choices is a cop-out.  -chris
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