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  Hi, I've been off the planet for awhile but I'm back at least
temporarily. I have been a little overwhelmed with things, and as luck
would have it, school is starting up again today. Well, the reason for
this message is that article you mentioned last week by the APA. The one
about child-adult sex not being so bad for the children. What is up with
that? I was upset just by the mention of it, and I did mention it to my
husband who is usually up on all of their publishings, but had not heard
of this one. He asked me to ask you to forward it to us if you can, or
fax it if it is easier. Do you still have access to it? If so my husband
would be happy to share his professional opinion. I hope you are holding
up well, I do think of you often. I am not really holding up so well but
as unhealthy as it may be, I will study my brains out now to hide from
my feelings! Hey, whatever gets you through the rough spots, right? Talk
to you soon. Love, Lisa

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