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RE: [MOL] men v women

Hey Dusti,
I wondered if anyone would rise up and take a bite.
I am doing well at the moment.  I got my results through on the exams, and
passed, so I'm all set now for the degree.  How are you?  you sound like
your winning, which is what I expected.

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Hi David, I'll take the bait.... 

	I think that men and women are both great & definitely different.  I
always hate to hear a debate on who is superior because I think that we are
so important to each other.   I do believe that men and women are very
different and I like it that way.  Each of the sexes have our own strengths
and weaknesses but I do believe we are equally important.  I think on my son
and how my husband & I each contribute to his upbringing.  I believe this
polarity of man and woman is good.  Mike pushes and challenges Chance
farther than I would but I teach him things like tolerance and compassion.
I sound old fashioned but hey, its works.  Hope you are doing well friend.


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