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Hi all,
    Speking of a man crying, Michael & I found out this week, he has only 10 more ratiations treatments, the tumor is so small they have changed the beam to like the size of a pin!!!!!! They are doing only 2 seconds now each zap he gets. Thank you LORD!!! He will start his chemo on the last day of radiation. If you remember he had to stop after the second chemo treatment, because he was so weak, his body couldn't take it. So yes he and I both cryed with joy over having come so far so fast, and they said he probely wouldn't nake it passed 6 or 7 months. His voice has returned completely, he was told only a 2% chance he would ever get his voice back. So thanks to all of you angels for helping me get through this with all the prayers, love, and leaning on of you all I've done. Still praying here for Michael, as well as for every molor here, GOD bless an keep you in his arms, so that you my lean on him as I have done an still doing.  xo Dean
Sorry for my oration, an for butting in before, on the creation, GOD , and the sex's  ; ).   xo xo luv ya lots
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> << Nobody there and the water washed everything away. How
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>   Hi Rodney,
>   I don't think there is anything wrong with a guy crying.  It shows that you
> are compassionate and caring.
> Carol O.
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