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Re: [MOL] Re: Update/Reply to Carol

 I make myself jump
>  up and do my "IRISH FIGHT SPIRIT CHANT" >>

Here we are on Molers row,
Fighting cancer, here we go.
Here we are and we don't know,
to take a rake or use a hoe.

Sound off.  Sound off. Sound off 122, Sound off!

For some the fight has just begun,
To others they question if they have won.
Weighted shoulders feeling like a ton,
We already spent a huge sum.

Sound off.  Sound off.  Sound off 123, Sound off!

Here we are just you and me,
Doing the Irish Fight on bender knee
Looking up we plainly see,
God is smiling down at me.

Sound off.  Sound off. Sound off. "Fight Irish Fight", Sound off!

luv u, lillian

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