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Re: [MOL] Angels

Doesn't sound scary to me, Dusty.  I believe that the dying are NEVER left 
alone.  God always provides a host of angels and loved ones - after all, the 
Holy Spirit is also called "The Comforter" for a reason.  

I also believe angels were present last year when my father had a bad 
accident with the car (the last time he has driven it).  He *very easily* 
could have been killed!  The car moved (my father had NO control over it) 
very skillfully between two trees, leaving small scrapes on both sides of the 
car and on both trees.  If the car had moved *straight* backward it would not 
be so miraculous, but it swerved and made a sharp turn to move EXACTLY 
between the trees, straight back and it would have hit the back porch and 
Virginia, who was standing on it.  I believe God was telling him, and the 
rest of the family, that He had a purpose for my father and his time wasn't 
up yet.  Just because he had lung cancer didn't mean God wanted to take him 
home. And that's just ONE of several miracles we have received.
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