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Re: [MOL] David and Carol in Memphis / Kathy :)

Dear Chris:  And your sister still loves you, too!  Amazing!  LOL  My sister 
locked me in an outhouse when I was about 8 (she was 6), and told my folks 
she couldn't find me and they might as well leave without me.  They probably 
should have punished her, but my parents always laughed at us when we did 
such obviously rotten things, so it was hard to get angry later.  

When my mother was in the hospital recovery from having Reilly, my youngest 
brother, I fired the housekeeper because I didn't like her.  I told her my 
father and I had discussed it and decided we could handle things ourselves.  
She left.  When he got home, I was cooking dinner.  I was 11.  I was also 

Love, Kathy
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