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Re: [MOL] Immune-bolstering vaccine extends lives of patients in cancer study....

This is a recent news release which seems very
promising for many cancer sufferers and will be
available in perhaps three years according to the


Immune-bolstering vaccine
extends lives of patients in cancer study

   May 23, 2000
   Web posted at: 3:28 p.m. EDT (1928 GMT)

   From Eileen O'Connor
   CNN Medical Correspondent

   WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Scientists at Georgetown
University are testing a cancer vaccine that so far
has produced survival rates far exceeding those
achieved by patients receiving conventional therapy

   The experimental vaccine helps to stimulate the
body's immune system by targeting CEA, a protein found
on different types of cancers.

   "We've learned that in virtually everybody we give
the vaccine to, we can create T cells -- those are the
immune fighting cells.  

   which can seek out and recognize colon cancer or
any type of cancer with CEA on it, and actually kill
those cells," said Dr.    John L. Marshall of
Georgetown's Lombardi Cancer Center.
The survival rate for recurring cancers treated with
chemotherapy, surgery and other conventional
approaches is 5 percent,  researchers said. But among
20 patients receiving the CEA vaccine, 10 patients in
the study are doing well after three years.

Through these trials, doctors have learned that the
immune system seems limited in its ability to fight
large cancer growths,  and for that reason, they said,
vaccines may be best used with conventional therapies,
rather than as replacements.  

Scientists said vaccines work best when used with
other drugs that excite the immune system, like

"The challenge now is to determine how to make those
immune reactions strong enough to cause the rejection
of established, invasive and deadly cancers," said Dr.
Steven Rosen of the National Cancer Institute.

If the vaccine studies continue to go well, the new
treatment may be available to the public in two or
three years. 


There is a natural product on the market called MGN-3,
which does essentially the same thing in boosting the
production of T-cells and is available NOW!  Clinical
trials have shown remarkable results. However, being a
natural product, and not available for ownership by
some big drug conglomerate it will probably not be on
the market long. Since funding is next to impossible
to obtain for the testing of natural products it has
not been approved by the FDA. This has not seemed, as
yet, to have limited it's effectiveness with cancer,

This is for information only.  I do not make a penny
off of the sale of this product.

Ron Presson 

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