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[MOL] Angels

Title: Angels

I just wanted to say that I have witnessed this firsthand.  My Mom & I talked often of whether she would see her Mother again or if she could really be my angel.  It sounds obnoxious now but at the time, I asked her a lot of questions when there was an appropriate opening about her seeing things.  The last couple of weeks, I KNOW there were forces that were assisting her.  She told me about seeing a little boy that had been killed in a car wreck.  She saw people across the room and asked me if I saw them too.  She asked me a couple of times when that lady was coming back for her.  I do NOT believe these were hallucinations.  She was in and out of this stage for two weeks.  Two days before she died she opened her eyes at me and whispered for me to sit down & be quiet.  As I sat down, she started talking to her Mother.  I can't tell you how relieved I was that she was seeing her, I knew that would bring peace and comfort to her.  She was slightly fearful of what was ahead, I think anyone would be.  But at that point, I knew that she would be ok.  Later that night she went into a full coma and I knew the end was close.  I put my face so close to hers and whispered to her 'I love you Mother' and this completely freaked me out but she opened her eyes and whispered 'I love you too, baby'.  She never called me baby.  I was always sweetheart, never baby.  But I think she was distinguishing that I was her youngest.  There were a few times in those last couple of weeks when she would whisper that she was alright or that things were ok.  I just repeated anything I thought that would be reassuring to her.  It was almost like being a labor coach, if that makes sense.  Anyway, I just wanted to say that I saw too much and heard too much to not believe in angels.  I hope this message didn't sound scary.