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[MOL] It's me again Beav!

Hi Beav,
My Horse is a Registered Paint, but she is all Black with little white on
her under side and a blaze face, she is so pretty.  I just started training
her, she is just green broke.  I haven't got bucked or fell off her yet. 
She is doing real well with voice commands, with standing, walking, backing,
trotting, only had her in a canter a few times.  Her name is Jazz, at least
that is what my daughter calls her.  My Daughter has 10 horses, I have to
pay for her yet, I have been trying to sell my Van to pay for her.
Don and I have talked about him dying a long time now, we even make jokes
about it.  He has even tried to pick out who I should marry next of his
friends, I keep telling him that I couldn't find a man as good as he has
been for me and my family and I think that I would like being by my daughter
and my horse and work.  I am going to sell everything except what will fit
in a studio apartment that I will have added to my daughters house.
Our house is to big and we own money on it, I want to be where I will only
have utilities, help with my share of the insurance and taxes.  That way I
could afford to show my horse and take vacation, even go out to eat or to a
movie if I want to.
I really hate the thoughts of getting rid of stuff.  We have a three bedroom
with a finished off basement, the basement biggest room is filled with my
craft supplies.  My 2 stall garage is full of woodworking tools, which I
will put in my daughters garage so I can still make wood things.
I think it will be fun to start over, but a bit scary.
Have you given much thought as to what you are going to do?
How old are you?  I'll be 61 the end of Sept.
I drive a Van for "Kids & People on the go, real easy job, 2 women own the
My Grand Daughter just called and wants me to go pick her up and bring her
back here.
Keep in touch.
God Bless,
Nanc ():-)

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Hi Nancy;
What kind of horse do you have?  I have a paint. He is 13 yrs. old now. What
a character he is. It is hard to make it every day to see him and he is
to put on a little weight. I am fortunate to have him though. My husband
him. He is such a pleasure to ride and be around.
After my talk with my husband, he asked me this morning what it was we were
talking about, he didn't remember so I had to do it all over again!  I can't
even remember anymore all the T.V. shows we watch over and over because he
doesn't remember. I am really amazed how he hangs on. I admire his love for
life, but he too doesn't have much quality of life left. There is still alot
enjoys though. Sweets is one of them. I decided today that I am no longer
to say anything about what he wants to eat. He knows. I am going to try
more about preparing to die. It is so hard to talk about. I don't know if
because of the unknown and subconsciously a person thinks it is a bad thing.
know he felt alot better when we talked about his family,etc. It brings us
closer because he is thinking it and I'm thinking it but we aren't talking
sharing it...That will be a huge step to talk about preparing to die. It
have to be a gloomy subject.....Talk more later..Take Care........Beav

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