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[MOL] bloody discharge from nipple

I have just found out I have non-invasive cancer of the breast.  I had 
surgery and cancer was removed, but it has been a month and I am having a 
bloody discharge out of the left breast where the cancer was found.  Is 
this normal after surgery?  I am planning to have a subcutaneous mastectomy 
and the nodes will not be checked and this worries me.  Iam afraid there is 
another cancer that was not detected and it could be invasive.  I had 
pre-cancer cells found around the cancer.  The doctors have told me that 
these tissues could turn into invasive cancer.  My mother found out in 
December she had invasive cancer and she found it because of the bloody 
discharge from the breast.  My grandmother on my mother's side also had 
breast cancer, so the history is not so good.

Phyllis Turner
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