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Re: FW: [MOL] Paedophiles & Justice-My rantings...

Dear David:  This is a very touchy issue, and I agree with you.  One little 
lie can ruin a man's life forever.  People tend to believe the worst -- it's 
only human nature, unfortunately.  The sensational material probably appeared 
on the front page and the retraction on the back.  We, in Idaho, require 
known pedophiles to register -- and by "known," I mean convicted pedophiles, 
not merely suspected.  The subject is open to endless debate.  Members of the 
ACLU believe pedophiles can be rehabilitated.  I don't share that view, but I 
also believe that the innocent should be protected.  The situation that took 
place in Walla Walla, Washington was a shocking example of what can happen.  
Many lives were ruined forever -- sort of like the Salem witch trials.  It 
was horrible and inexcusable.  

Love, Kathy
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