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FW: [MOL] Paedophiles & Justice-My rantings...

Hi Dusti
Was this published on their web site??  If not, can you tell me where I can
get a copy please.  There is a lot of activity over here in the UK at the
moment regarding paedophiles and a very popular newspaper is running a
campaign on publishing the names and addresses of known paedophiles
throughout the UK.  their aim is to name and shame over 250,000 paedophiles.
Personally, although I know that this will inform people, I don;t think its
right.  There has been a recent case in Portsmouth, nr where I live, where a
man was "named and Shamed" in a national paper, but this was an error.  The
newspaper immediately printed a retraction, but angry mobs have surrounded
his house, and the neighbouring house (where the actual paedophile lives)
and are causing major havoc.
I do feel people in the area have a right to know, but only being informed
from the proper sources.  We could be facing a situation now where
paedophiles are going underground, and more children will be at risk.
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I am sickened by what is happening in regards to the acceptance of this
predatory behavior.  Last year, the American Psychological Association, a
respected & reputable (I thought) organization published a study on how
'Adult-Child' sex was not necessarily harmful to the child.  I read this
study and it was so subjective and slanted it was sickening.  This study set
off such a reaction around conservative circles that even the American
Congress got involved and voted to condemn the study.  I wish wholeheartedly
they would have condemned the APA as well.  The APA at first stood by that
study but then later issued an apology.  The problem is that the damage from
that article is already done.  There are lawyers already across this country
trying to use this article in the defense of these pedophiles.  There is an
organization in America that would like to legalize so called 'adult-child'
sex, it is called NAMBLA (standing for North American Man-Boy Love
Association) that is organized, on the internet and frothing at the mouth
that they are making headway into this issue.  I know I am ranting on this
issue but just yesterday I read a review of American Beauty and it actually
said "Pedophile-phobes can relax".  Who in the hell is not a
'Pedophile-Phobe'?  It is getting damned dangerous when they label decent
people pedophile-phobes.  Lillian & Lisa, my heart is out for you.  I too,
know the destruction that these predators can wreak on families.  Lisa, what
does your husband think about the APA publishing that article?  I thought it
was one of the most irresponsible pieces of trash that I have ever read and
I try to be balanced but this was pure trash and propaganda.  It was scary
to think that a well respected journal would go there but they did.  We have
to stay vigilant against any type of acceptance of this.  It is obvious to
ANYONE who has ever been or seen that kind of abuse the kind of trauma that
one carries for the rest of their lives.

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