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[MOL] Kathleen C.

Title: Kathleen C.


Thank you.  I loved her as much as I could and I tried very hard to be a worthy daughter.  I know that my sister & I did everything possible to make sure she was comfortable, clean, & at peace.  The last couple weeks were intense but the highs matched the intensity of the lows.  I will always miss her and sometimes it doesn't seem real that she won't be around at Christmas or next year and into the future but at the same time I feel she is with me in spirit.  The dynamics of my relationship w/ my sister have changed for the good.  I believe she was terrified that I would crumble and leave her to do all of this alone.  Being the 'baby' comes with all kinds of preconcieved notions.  I am trying to focus on the good and there was good that came out of this, not much, but some.  Mom never got to retire which I hated for her but it made her happy to know that she was leaving a cushion for us.  I will be a homeowner.  I can't tell you what a burden off of my shoulders that will be.   Anyway Kathy, thank you for your kindness every step of the way.   I have appreciated it.