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In a message dated 08/14/2000 5:22:10 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> Chris:  It's not a silly question at all.  I could barely get her to eat 
>  anything at all except cottage cheese.  She's completely lost her appetite 
>  and has lost about ten pounds.  But she and Dad do eat properly -- Dad 
> >  certain of that.  He's the most alert, intelligent, dear, sweet, funny 
>  you'll ever find, and at 80 years old, he's still amazingly handsome. 
    So *that's* where you get that youthful, movie-star appearance!  Dick 
vanDyke is gorgeous for a man his age (always WAS).

 Mom >  has had problems with depression all her life, and I think this time 
>  problem may be the result of over-medication.  Doctors tend to do this, 
>  know, with older patients, hoping they'll just "go away."  Some of the 
>  she's been prescribed would knock your socks off (and mine, too).  I'm 
>  planning to move to their little town so I can watch over them.  Don't 
>  sorry for me -- I love it there and I've always wanted to live there. 
    No sorrow here, Kathy!  I wish I could live across the street from my 
father so I am so very glad you are able to go.

It's >  right on the Snake River -- incredibly scenic -- and the population 
is about 
>  1400!  I can hardly wait.  Dad and I made this decision while I was there. 
>  I'm going to buy the house next door (with my sister's help, of course) 
>  sell my house here.  It feels right to me -- as if it's my destiny or >  
something.  I can't explain it, but it's definitely the thing to do.  If my > 
 mom doesn't completely recover, Daddy is going to need me and so is she, 
and>  I have no problem spending time with Dad.  He's hilarious and good 
natured >  and wonderful.  This is a good thing, and something you know all 
about, my >  friend
    Terrific Kathy!  I am sooooo glad for you.   And yes, I do believe it is 
(and *in*) destiny!  I know we make our choices, but I also believe the main 
highway is all laid out for us, and our choices are always *limited* ones, to 
the left or right, but not to just any road of our choosing.  I think that's 
what God's loving guidance and great Master Plan is all about!  And you have 
a wonderful sister like mine - aren't we just so lucky?  Thank God!   -chris
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