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Re: [MOL] Karen

Dear Karen:  I didn't have that problem with insurance, but I know that 
others, who have been members of an HMO, have had.  They (the HMOs) are 
notorious for cutting corners!  Now they can be sued.  That didn't used to be 
possible.  Thank God it is now, because they deserve to be quite often.

I underwent chemo almost three years ago.  Carboplatin, Taxol, Taxotere, 
Cisplatin, and VP-16.  I would have given anything to have my daughters with 
me.  It may alarm your child, but she'll recover if you explain everything to 
her carefully.  Tell her grandmother is sick because of the medicine the 
doctors are giving her to make her well, and that it won't last forever, and 
don't let your mom feel guilty about her illness, as I know you wouldn't.  Do 
whatever you can for her -- you'll never regret it.

Your friend,  Kathy in Boise
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