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Chris:  It's not a silly question at all.  I could barely get her to eat 
anything at all except cottage cheese.  She's completely lost her appetite 
and has lost about ten pounds.  But she and Dad do eat properly -- Dad makes 
certain of that.  He's the most alert, intelligent, dear, sweet, funny man 
you'll ever find, and at 80 years old, he's still amazingly handsome.  He 
looks like Dick Van Dyke, and acts like him, too.  I love him to pieces.  Mom 
has had problems with depression all her life, and I think this time the 
problem may be the result of over-medication.  Doctors tend to do this, you 
know, with older patients, hoping they'll just "go away."  Some of the drugs 
she's been prescribed would knock your socks off (and mine, too).  I'm 
planning to move to their little town so I can watch over them.  Don't feel 
sorry for me -- I love it there and I've always wanted to live there.  It's 
right on the Snake River -- incredibly scenic -- and the population is about 
1400!  I can hardly wait.  Dad and I made this decision while I was there.  
I'm going to buy the house next door (with my sister's help, of course) and 
sell my house here.  It feels right to me -- as if it's my destiny or 
something.  I can't explain it, but it's definitely the thing to do.  If my 
mom doesn't completely recover, Daddy is going to need me and so is she, and 
I have no problem spending time with Dad.  He's hilarious and good natured 
and wonderful.  This is a good thing, and something you know all about, my 

Love, Kathy
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