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[MOL] Insurance

My mother has Medicare and Secure Horizons for her insurance.  With all
that has been going on with HMOs and keeping costs down, we feel that
her doctors are offering her treatments that are cheaper and less
effective.  Has anyone had such experiences?   Even if they go along
with the treatment plan of her second opinion, I think I will always
worry that in future tests or decisions they may cut corners.  I don't
know if other doctors in different areas might be more willing to
prescribe more expensive treatments and tests, or if its all the same. 
Also, would it be a bad idea to have her stay with me, my husband, and 4
year old daughter during chemotherapy treatments?  I am a bit concerned
that it might alarm my daughter to see grandma so sick. ( She will most
likely be getting carboplatin and taxol).  Any comments are welcome.

Karen Hill
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