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Re: [MOL] Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 13:44:56 +0100

Hello, Friends:  Could I have some of your rain, please?  I'd even settle for 
some mold and mildew and this point, before our huge and beautiful forests 
burn to the ground.

Dave:  I saw the coolest movie on TV the other night.  An Inspector Barnaby, 
I think.  It's on the A & E Network, and I've fallen in love with the guy.  I 
love English murder mysteries anyway, and this one was one of the best.  You 
can't beat the English for class, Benny Hill notwithstanding.  By the way, I 
loved him, and Monty Python, too.  You can tell how veddy refined I am!!  LOL

Love, Kathy
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