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Re: [MOL] Dusti, Dear

Dear Dusti:  I'm sorry, but I've been gone for about five days.  My dear 
mother has suffered a nervous breakdown, and we're very worried about her.  
She's 80 years old.  I had a rough few days with her.  It was very scary -- 
almost as if she'd left her body and some other person had taken over.  We 
(Dad and I) took her to a good psychiatric hospital yesterday.  I talked to 
her today, and she seems more rational, but she's still not herself.  We're 
praying for the best.

In the meantime, I have been concerned about you.  How is your mother?  I 
hope something didn't happen while I was gone that I'm not aware of.  If it 
did, I certainly apologize for being unattentive.  You're such a good and 
brave girl.  I'm proud to know you.

Love, Kathy
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