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[MOL] You have done the work..NOW GAT PAID! -xvkatfl

Title: Chuck50900

Over the last 3 years I have built my retirement income stream in a Network Marketing Company that has eclipsed every measurable growth category in the history of the industry. We have grown faster than Microsoft, IBM and Coca Cola did in their first 3 years. Although we do no advertising and you most likely have never heard of us we currently are operating at THIRTY  MILLION DOLLARS per MONTH in 22 countries !!
This phenomenal growth has been fueled by a product that my company has the exclusive world-wide distribution rights to and enjoys a 83% reorder order rate with the consumer base.

I am looking to “pass the baton” to the right person or persons.
I can and will offer the following:

a.  An inexhaustible world wide lead source…at no expense to you
b. A tested and proven duplicable training system, created and ran by me..for you
c. 21 years of experience in this industry which we will compound into your success

I am not looking for an investor, I am looking for a working partner or partners.
Only the seasoned NETWORKER or experienced business entrepreneur with the right aptitude and attitude for success starting today need reply.
For further details please call: 800-266-7240 ext. 0002
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